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Physical Therapy



Physical therapy uses various forms of physical energy (light, sound, magnetism, electricity, heat, mechanical ...) for the treatment of diseases, injuries and their consequences. In addition to certain forms of physical energy used alone or in combination, as appropriate along from drug or surgical treatment.
Physical energy, the nature of any data or artificially obtained, passing from one form of energy into another, according to the principle of conservation of energy, and its biological activity is manifested in changes in local or general reaction of the tissues around the body, depending on:
· Quality and Applied kinds of physical energy
· Quantity or duration and intensity of activity
· Places of action, ie. area, volume and type of tissue,
· Revised containing the organism or specific tissues, capabilities and possibilities of reaction (state the illness or injury, age, vulnerability, adaptation ...)

The changes can be expected after the application of certain procedures of physical therapy are to improve circulation, nutrition and trophic tissue, thus preventing downtime and blood island tissue. Can be accelerated and regenerative processes, both in terms of anatomical, physiological and functional regeneration.














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